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  • Listening to: Christmas songs
  • Reading: "Myra Breckinridge/Myron" by Gore Vidal
hey watchers, bad news first: i gave up my idea of holding that contest. that's the PR thing which ruins everything actually, but the good news is I will accept your most orange work as submission and publish it on my blog, which has more than 80 visitors on average per day. for further info, please check out my blog, thanks.
  • Listening to: Christmas songs
  • Reading: "Myra Breckinridge/Myron" by Gore Vidal
I have noticed the ad links on DA a while ago, and it's getting ridiculous. Try the method I use myself, not for a better life, but at least for a better view. Note: it works on Firefox only.

1) Get the latest version of "Adblock".

2) After installing, you can find it on the Tools/Adblock.

3) Click on "Preferences".

4) Add the following filters:…………

and that's it.
  • Reading: Flannery O'Connor
first of all, i have finished the whole webdesigning of my own website, which costed me about $70 for 2 years' account and domain name. I am still waiting for the final setup even though i have uploaded all the files but i assume the site will be running in a day or two. it's quite a relief for I spent almost a month doing online research for javascript, html and css, and going through all the tiresome jobs & infinite trial and errors on frontpage (can you believe that!!).

and second, my energetic baby no.80 got featured on an australian design/art magazine which is called blanket , you can download the mag here… . the fourth issue is about Movement, a word I'm always conscious of when i do my art. just glad i got PICKED. i wasn't thrilled but the news did bring a smile on my face.

Hey watchers, finally my spanking new portfolio webpage is online for every picky judge to criticize and it's here . Please be kind enough to leave a brief note through the shoutbox and tell me what you think about the layout, the webdesign or furthur improvement I could make, thanks pals.

  • Reading: Flannery O'Connor
i'm removing most of the prints on my gallery (except those in postcards format 'cause i want some myself), and a bunch of deviations & previous journal entries as well. In a week i guess i will keep probably 3 to 5 pieces in my gallery, which means my works will be disappearing in your favorites gallery as well, but i guess you can find them in your hard disk by searching "mitrm". ;)  just feel like getting rid of some heavy burdens.

have a nice weekend.